Midas deals in a complete set of debt and equity products customized to your needs and requirements. Our burgeoning reputation and mushrooming relationships with key players in the commercial real estate finances help us to negotiate best deals for our clients.

I. Products:
Fixed Rate Loans
Because of our deep relationships with lenders, Midas can provide the best-fixed interest rates and other attractive features for your loans. Midas's experienced professionals know the loan types suitable for fixed rate loans. Fixed Rate loans are the core of the mortgage industry, and as such, various opportunities can be availed after negotiation on mortgage lending terms, especially interest rates, loan-maturity and prepayment penalties.

Floating Rate Loans.
Many a times, we advice borrowers to avail floating rate loans to take advantage of the historically low interest rates of the past few years. Featuring minimal or no prepayment penalties, they are ideal for buyers with a short term (2 to 4 year) financing horizon, such as acquisition of a property going though a repositioning or a turnaround. Midas helps take advantage of such loans to seek optimal alignment of short-run benefit and long-run financial health of the project.

Construction Loans
Typically, Construction Loans are short-term loans utilized by borrowers to finance building costs. Each construction loan tends to be customized depending on the product, the length of the construction process, and the borrower's experience. Midas helps builders find the best source, rate, and term for these crucial loans.

Mezzanine Loans
A  mezzanine typically equals the difference between the first mortgage lending amount and 85-90% of the purchase price, whether it is structured as partnership debt, or preferred equity. Midas has vast experience in evaluating options for our borrowers in this increasingly utilized loan product for a variety of real estate transactions.

Bridge Loans
In complex or challenging situations, Midas helps its borrowers to meet their short term financing requirements through bridge loans. Designed to be paid back relatively quickly, such as by a subsequent longer-term loan, bridge loans can be a savior for most real estate borrowers in tough times. Midas has a wide range of sources for Bridge Loans and can help borrowers understand all the nuances and conditions associated with these loans.

For the specific purpose of upgrading an existing property in order to improve the desired image of a product or service to the market, a renovation loans may be required. Midas professionals help borrowers present their renovation program to the optimally matched lending sources.

Equity Financing
In the process of building our network of High Net Worth Individuals, we also have started helping our clients with equity financing with capital from our investors

In collaboration with some agencies we help our clients in the defeasance process. At Midas, Our associates help our clients in building better understanding of horribly sounding ‘defeasance clause’ in their CMBS loans, and help them in their refinance or appreciated equity cash-out.
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